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May 8, 2021

Compacted or solid brown clay is not suitable for plant growth. If your garden has hard clay and doesn’t have soft soil, you might not grow good plants or crops in it. If it is so, you need to improve your soil condition by switching to a favorite soil condition known as “Gypsum.”

However, there is a vast controversial debate on adding gypsum to improve soil conditions. If you are looking to clear up the confusion on using gypsum in the garden, keep reading to find if it’s actually of great help.

A beautiful garden takes a lot of good things than just seeding or watering the plant. One needs to put in the effort to turn the soil into a beautiful garden. Employing the right amount of fertilizer helps in the growth of plants and improves the soil condition.

If you are struggling to soften the clay soil of your garden or grow healthy plants, you probably need to take cues from farming techniques. Gypsum is in use for over 100 years as a natural soil softener.

Zeta traders are now offering the services of delivering gypsum (soil conditioner) to your doorstep. We are the premium exporter of agricultural products all over the world. We are here to help you with a healthy organic fruity garden that will add scenic beauty to your home overall.

If you are looking at ways to use gypsum in the garden, you have stumbled on the right place. Let’s take a look at using gypsum as a soil conditioner to soften the clay of your garden soil that too naturally.

What is Gypsum?

Gypsum  also known as calcium sulfate is one of the natural mineral-rich in both calcium and sulfur. Gypsum is regarding as one of the beneficial amendments for the soil. It helps in breaking the compacted soil, making it denser. It is a non-toxic mineral indicating that it naturally improves the soil for plant growth. 

Zeta offers both granular and powdered forms of gypsum that you can easily add to the soil of your garden. It mainly helps in removing the extra sodium from the soil & adding the right amount of both calcium & sulfur. Calcium sulfate helps in softening the brownish clay soil and the healthy growth of the plants, and improved percolation.

Gypsum is one of the vital constituents of plaster and nutrient for the healthy growth of plants. It keeps the balance of soil as per required alkaline (pH) levels and nutrients.

What are the types of gypsum?

Gypsum comes in different kinds and form of which two primary forms are listed below:

  • Powdered gypsum
  • Granular gypsum

Powdered Gypsum: As the name indicates, it is a fine powder that is directly employed in the hard clay of the soil. Fine powdered gypsum is primarily added to new garden beds by dissolving in water and spread via garden spreaders.

Granular Gypsum: They look very similar to that of other plan fertilizers and make a great option around the coastal region where the winds are responsible for blowing the powder. It comes in small granulated and uniform small pellets. They can be spread using any regular garden spreader. 

Why should you use Gypsum in Gardening?

If you have a hard layer of clay over your garden’s soil, then gypsum is all you need. It will help loosen the rigid structure of the soil since gypsum is a natural mineral that makes the soil porous also allows it to soak up moisture. 

Fertilizing the soil with gypsum improves air circulation that in turn help in improved emergence of seedling and development of the root. It is usually added to the soil to increase the level of calcium, as the soil that lacks the required level of calcium yields poor plants and restricts the development of plant roots.

Gypsum primarily aids in altering the soil composition as it builds up the smaller denser particles of the soil into bigger particles resembling sand particles. It goes all the way down deep in the soil, making it porous and soluble.

Is adding gypsum good for the soil?

If you live in a coastal area or have a garden near that, adding gypsum to the soil is your thing as it helps maintain the required level of sodium without changing the soil’s pH level. 

But, if you live in an area with less salty winds, adding gypsum to the soil may not be a good thing. It will reduce the required level of sodium which is not suitable for the soil. Thus, knowing your garden land plays a vital part in whether you should opt for it or otherwise.

Adding gypsum to the hard soil is best suited as it naturally softens the hard clay and makes it suitable for plant growth. It is one of the great fertilizing agents for the growth of a garden. 

If you are doing it from scratch and opting to grow a new garden, then aiding the soil with gypsum will be very useful. It removes out the excess sodium while adding both sulfurs as well as calcium.

How much gypsum should be added?

You need to do soil analysis of your garden before adding gypsum to it, as soil exhibits different characteristics. For this very reason, you should know the nutrient deficiency and how much quantity of gypsum should be added to get the desired results. 

Soil analysis is the first and foremost step, as adding too much calcium and sulfur may ruin the structure or further harden it. An analysis is carried out to see if it will be beneficial; otherwise, adding gypsum to a high organic garden won’t add much value.

In acidic soil, calcium sulfate improves the root development of the crops resulting in a fruitful garden. It further reduces the toxicity of aluminum, yielding healthy crops.

Does it repair the damaged soil?

Did you know gypsum does a great job in repairing the damaged soil? If you have a new garden debt or just establishing a garden, then too much salinity may affect the growth of trees or crops. 

When there is excess salt, it may dissolve in the water, thus limiting the root development. A higher amount of salinity results in dehydration and interfering with photosynthesis, in turn stunting the growth of crops and trees.

Thus, mixing gypsum to the affected area or areas with winter salt will help in extracting additional sodium and healing the crops.

How to use gypsum in the garden to improve water filtration?

Gypsum is known for its versatile feature that resolves water-logging and helps the water penetrate deeper into the soil. It improves the overall drainage. 

Gypsum helps improve soil properties, and better structure will efficiently penetrate the water deeply into the roots allowing the crop to grow healthy and well. Including the correct ratio of gypsum to the garden enhances water filtration yielding more vigorous plants.

Is it a good source of adequate sulfur or calcium?

Soil usually does not provide an adequate amount of sulfur to the crop/plant, hence becoming deficient in both calcium and sulfur. If you intend to boost the support to roots and shoot, adding calcium sulfate to the soil will do the work.

Sulfur is vital as it helps with the growth of plants, while calcium allows the absorption of other essential nutrients by the roots of the plants. Soluble calcium is essential for optimum growth and health of the crop/plants.

How to use gypsum in the garden as a soil enhancer?

Gypsum works as an excellent soil enhancer. Highly compacted soil or hard particles of clay might be problematic if you start with a fresh garden bed. Water and other vital nutrients will end up running over the surface in hard soil, limiting the plant’s development.

To overcome this problem, you can add calcium sulfate (gypsum) to the soil that flocculates smaller particles into large lumps resembling sandy soils. 

Improved soil structure tends to be porous, allowing water retention and penetration of both air and water into the soil.

Is it better than limestone (calcium carbonate)?

Gypsum is preferred over limestone as limestone is less soluble than gypsum. Moreover, lime is a calcium carbonate that disturbs the pH of the soil that is not healthy for plant growth. 

It takes a little time to get dissolve and limits the deep penetration of the water. It is riskier as compared to gypsum as excessive lime may result in damaging or burning the plant.

Whereas gypsum dissolves thoroughly in the soil and quickly moves to the most needed place.

What is the best time to apply gypsum in gardening?

If your garden has too much salinity and needs a dose of calcium sulfate, then the best time to employ gypsum to soil is fall or spring. 

It is usually added once a year so do not expect results overnight. Mother earth takes a little longer to show results. Keep adding an adequate ratio of calcium sulfate to get to the desired soil structure.

Gypsum is an organic fertilizer that implies it is not harmful and is safe to get started with.


Where can I buy gypsum?

You can buy it from Zeta Traders as we deal in authentic and high-grade gypsum delivering to your doorsteps.

Is adding gypsum improves the soil structures?

Yes, gypsum helps loosen the complex structure of the soil.

Does it kill or harm plants?

No, it works as the balancing agent, enhancing the ability of soil to absorb other essential nutrients.

Can we add gypsum to coastal regions?

Yes, if you have a garden near coastal areas, then adding gypsum to the soil will remove additional sodium.

How to use gypsum in the garden?

You can use it to soften the hard clay that in turn improves the drainage.

Can I add gypsum to sodic/acidic soils?

Yes, adding gypsum to acidic soil will improve the water and air penetration into the soil as it drains out excess sodium from the subsoil.


To Start with a new or newly established garden bed can be a little daunting because the subsoil has a hard clay layer on it which results in poor drainage and sogginess of the soil. but, here comes the naturally occurring non-toxic mineral “GYPSUM” which will cater all the problems of your garden soil. 

We have tried our best to enlighten how to use gypsum in the garden. But, before starting, get your soil test done. Soil analysis will depict if your garden soil needs any calcium sulfate or it does no good to the garden.

Zeta traders have earned a reputation by delivering premium and intact products to your doorstep. We deal in all kinds and forms of gypsum, ranging from fine powder, pelleted or granular gypsum. The ideal type of gypsum you need depends on how you intend to use it. You can explore our website. In that case, we have all you need.

Gypsum is your go-to pick for reconditioning the structure of the soil. It is not hard to work with. Instead, you can just spread it with any fertilizer spreader. It is safe to use around humans and pets. With that said, gypsum being organic enriches your garden and promotes the health of the plants.

It is safe to say that gypsum is one of the natural fertilizing agents essential for healthier plants, crops, or trees. Gypsum has traces of naturally occurred minerals that helps in flourishing the garden.


May 7, 2021


Pink salt, known as Himalayan Pink Salt, gets its name from the place it’s mine, deep within the Himalayas Mountains. It’s one of the purest forms of salt as it’s unrefined and additive-free salt that can up your culinary game.You can trust Zeta traders in providing you premium and additive-free pink salt. Repeating the same old recipes at times does get boring, so why not try something new. Cooking with pink salt is a new talk in the business because of its versatile features.


If you are somebody who likes catching up with trendy stuff, then you might have heard of the latest craze in the culinary world – cooking with pink salt.If you are looking to find some exotic and interesting ways to cook with pink salt, keep reading our ultimate guide that will help you cook with pink salt.


You probably have noticed the abundant use of pink salt trending worldwide as it has a versatile feature. You can use it as both a block to cook on (utensil usage)/ cooking ware or use it for seasoning purposes. They make the best serving platters that are not just unique but aesthetically sound.So if you would like to give it a try cooking with a pink salt slab or testing out with pink salt seasoning over your veggies or meat We would encourage you to give it a shot.

Would you like to know more about cooking with pink salt? Then, keep reading. We will be providing you with a complete guide on cooking with pink salt.

Why should you use Pink Salt?

Since many of you already know, people worldwide are opting for organic essentials than to go for processed and additive essentials. Now let’s dive into the perks of organic and additive-free pink salt.

Pink salt is one of the purest forms of salt worldwide as it is not processed and minerals are still intact. It comprises 97% of sodium chloride, which is essential for body and muscle functioning.

You can use it as an alternative to normally used regular table salt, which is not healthy. It has both minerals and traces of other vital elements that regular table salt does not offer.

Many claims that pink Himalayan salt is packed with numerous health benefits like it lowers blood pressure, boosts electrolytes vital for body functioning, purifies the pollution in the air, etc. However, there’s no scientific reasoning for that since it’s organic and brings color to platter, why not go for it? As the regular table salt is refined and full of additives that are not just healthy at all.

Pretty much convinced to make a switch between the two? Now that you have made up your mind let’s help you be adventurous in the kitchen and start cooking with pink salt.

We have got all that you need to know about cooking with pink salt slabs or using it for seasoning, etc.

How to use Pink Salt in the kitchen?

You cannot just deny the presence and usage of organic essentials in your home. Himalayan Pink Salt is famous for its exotic look and prominence in kitchen usage as one of the essential ingredients.

Salt is one of the essential ingredients of a balanced healthy diet. For decades, salt is in use for multiple purposes whether it’s preserving food, texturing, enhancing flavor, or, coloring the food.

Below we will be listing some of the best possible ways that can help you with cooking with pink salt:

Cooking on Block of Pink Salt:

Did you know you can use the block of pink salt as a cooking surface? Yes, you got it right. One of the features that make the pink salt stand out is its versatility.

Blocks of pink salt make the best surfaces for cooking. Pink salt has a crystalline structure that evenly distributes the heat, ensuring that food is adequately cooked and hot.

It can grill the food or slightly impart saltiness to meat and other foods that don’t overwhelm other seasonings and flavor. It imparts light saltiness to the food that is natural and additive-free.

If you are opting for a healthy lifestyle and eradicating iodized-salt from your diet, then cooking with pink salt slab is your go-to pick. Pink salt imparts a light salty flavor that is just right for your taste buds.

Pink Salt Blocks as Serving Platters:

Using the blocks of pink salt as a serving tray can level up your party. It will be the talk of the whole event, and on other side, will help maintain the temperature of food.

It is a great alternative to skillet to serve steaks and other meaty food items. As it will keep the hotness intact and imparts a natural salty flavor to the food.

You can even put the pink salt slabs in the freezer and chill them properly that perhaps makes the best serving platters for desserts and other cold items adding a tint of both versatility & uniqueness.

In place of Regular Table Salt:

Salt is one of the vital seasonings that we use in our food, be it meaty food, salads, or anything. It does not just elevate the flavor but tastes fantastic.

If you would like to add subtle saltiness to your food, you can cook with pink salt, as it’s  great alternative to regular table salt. To achieve delicate and balanced saltiness, one should opt for cooking with pink salt.

Sprinkling it over Pretzels:

We all love munching on pretzels as they are soft, buttery, and salty crackers that can be eaten anytime as a snack.

If you are looking for healthy alternatives, you should opt for pink salt instead of sugary sprinkles. Pretzels have buttery and cheesy gooeyness that tastes just heavenly. You can opt to sprinkle pink salt over it that elevates the flavor, and add balanced salinity to the pretzel and baked pastries.

Electrolyte Water (Sports Drinks):

Pink salt commonly known for its versatile features. Did you know pink salt makes a great alternative to sports drinks? If you are into sports or like keeping yourself fit, you can easily make your DIY sports drink at home using tap water and pink salt.

All you have to do is keep the chunks of pink salt in the water overnight. Keep adding chunks to it until it becomes saturated, and further addition of salt chunk will no longer gets dissolve. Strain the mixture, and you are good to go.

You can drink this water to naturally boost the electrolytes that help the body do its functioning and work properly.

Seasoning the Steaks/Food:

High-end restaurants prefer cooking with pink salt as it adds natural and light saltiness to the food and helps retain the natural juices of the meat. It does not just enhance the taste but adds flavor to the bland food and makes it edible.

You can cook excellent steaks with pink salt as it naturally absorbs the extra water of the meat while cooking and imparts balanced and perfect salinity to the steak. Enjoy the juiciest grilled meat/steak with the rightly balanced saltiness that does not overpower your taste buds.


As we all know, salt is one of the essential ingredients of the culinary world, be it savory or baked goods.

Adding a balanced amount of salt can elevate the taste of baked goodies. You can bake using pink salt in table salt. As pink Himalayan salt is more organic and has a little sweeter and balanced salinity that tastes amazing.

Sprinkling it over baked pastries, nutty caramel cupcakes, butter puffs make the perfect balanced combination of sweetness and saltiness.

Salad seasoning or adding color to the dish:

If you want to be a little adventurous in the kitchen and loves experimenting with food essentials, try cooking with pink salt. For the very reason, it adds color to the dish thatmakes it stand out among other goodies.

Cooking with pink salt can add an exotic appearance to your dish as it imparts a pink tint to the food due to its pink-colored textured.

The pink color comes from the minerals and traces of other elements that impart a pink hue to the salt block and is responsible for its distinctive color.

Seasoning your salads at the last minute with small or large coarsely pink salt doesn’t just bring color to it but adds perfect crunch and aesthetic to your salad or snack.

Crunchiness and Texture:

If you are looking for crunch in your food, then you should try cooking with pink salt. It does not just have a lovely pink hue in it but has a crunchy texture that adds crunch to the food.

Minerals and traces remains intact, so they are mainly responsible for its metallic and salinity sense of taste.

Cooking with pink salt course or sprinkling over veggies adds a crunchy texture and makes the perfect balanced meal for the day.

Food preservation:

Salting the food is one of the ancient techniques to prevent the food from spoilage. Drying the food, commonly known as the fermentation process. It mainly occurs by placing the thinly sliced veggies or meat over the block of pink salt that absorbs the water content out of it.

It is then pound using the meat mallet to an extent that there exists no water content in it.

Salting the meat, also called curing, allows the meat to stay safe for more extended usage without spoiling its flavor.


Can we use pink salt for cooking?

Yes, you can start cooking with pink salt in place of regular table salt.

Is it safe to use the slab of pink salt as a cooking utensil?

Yes, cooking with a pink salt slab/block is safe and known as natural cookware.

Can we sprinkle it on baked goods and salads?

Yes, sprinkling over baked goods and salads enhances the taste and adds a perfect crunchy texture.

Does cooking with pink salt add a burst of saltiness?

No, cooking with pink salt adds subtle saltiness to the food just according to your taste buds.

Why should we start cooking with pink salt?

It would help if you start cooking with pink salt as it imparts natural saltiness without overpowering your taste buds and is additive-free.

Where can we buy pink salt?

Zeta traders are here to rescue you. We deal in premium and authentic pink Himalayan salt.

Do zeta traders offer pink salt slabs?

Yes, we offer both large and small blocks of pink salt that can be used as cooking surfaces and serving platters.


If you are looking for a healthy alternative, you can never go wrong with cooking using pink salt. It is one of the purest, organic, and additive-free salts that add flavor and crunch to ordinary food.

Zeta traders bring you the premium quality of pink salt, be it slabs/block of pink salt, grounded pink salt, or large/small course of pink salt. We deal in high-quality pink salt that you can use as per your requirements.

Cooking with pink salt can be fun and adventurous as it adds an exotic appearance due to its lovely pink hue and crisp and crunchy texture to the food. But don’t rely on our word. You can try to see yourself. Be more adventurous and experimental in the kitchen and start cooking with pink salt.

By now, you would be convinced and ready to opt for cooking with pink salt – right? We will make it convenient and easy for you to choose whatever works the best for you. You can give our products a try to get started. We offer both sizeable pink salt slabs and pink Himalayan salt (ground or large/small coarsely chunks).




April 27, 2021


Most of the best Pink Organic Himalayan Salt that is consumed all around the world comes from Pakistan. Pakistan is richly blessed with abundant natural resources including, coal, salt, fossil fuels, etc. Zeta traders are one of the leading exporters of unrefined and additive-free, all-natural, and best pink Himalayan salt, providing all the consumers and retailers operating worldwide.

In recent years, there has been a massive debate on food industry processing. People, are you concerned about where their food and essential ingredients of food are coming from? They want to know all about kitchen essentials such as Pink Himalayan Salt. Zeta traders do not compromise on their quality and provide the safest and best Pink Himalayan Salt to their retailers and consumers.

Zeta traders cater to the export of the best pink Himalayan salt both domestically as well as internationally. They are considered premium exporters of the best pink Himalayan salt as they have a wide range of multiple grain sizes and powdered salt and rock salt.

Zeta will facilitate you in opting for the best pink Himalayan salt to the correct type of pink Himalayan salt, be it in fine form or large coarse or rock salt. Pink Himalayan salt has gained popularity in recent times, and it has been reported that nearly 450,000 tons of the best pink Himalayan salt are exported all around the globe. They deal in both authentic and premium quality pink Himalayan salt.

What Is Pink Himalayan Salt?

It is a pink-tinted Himalayan rock salt which is naturally extracted from one of the ancient and largest salt mine located in Punjab of Pakistan, famously known as Khewra Salt Mine.

Pink Himalayan Salt is naturally extracted and free of all other additives. It exhibits traces of various minerals and elements, like zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, etc. All are reported to be less than one percent which is considered the safest level. Traces of iron are responsible for giving it a tinted pink-colored characteristic.

Best Himalayan salt has traces of various minerals and elements usually absent in regular table salt that we typically consume in our homes.

One cannot deny that pink Himalayan salt is very trendy nowadays. Whether you have put a glowing pink Himalayan salt lamp in your drawing room or using it for spa purposes, or consuming it as a food ingredient, it has gained popularity. Zeta traders hold a superior value in providing you with the best pink Himalayan salt.

Exploring the Size of Grains

Zeta traders offer the premium quality Best Pink Himalayan Salt around the globe. They are offering the additive-free and naturally extracted best pink Himalayan salt with minerals being intact. They have a variety of multiple grain sizes that one can choose from as per the requirements.

Of which, pink powdered salt ranges from 0.0 to 0.2 mm, extra-fine best pink Himalayan salt ranges from 0.3 to 0.5 mm, and acceptable pink Himalayan salt ranges from 0.2 to 0.8 mm in grain sizes, etc. It comes in various sizes, be it small, finely powdered, medium, or large coarse. You can choose whatever suits you the best.

Structure and Composition of Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is mined deep within the salt bed located in the Himalayan Mountains. It goes through lengthy processing, evaporation of the largest and ancient ocean of water resulting in a rich bed of salt comprising other rich elements and mineral traces.

It has remained there for almost more than 750 million years. The large formations of rocks and lava have prevented other minerals from getting into the rich sea bed of salt. It is hand extracted and then crushed/broken using machinery processes.

It is the very reason that the best pink Himalayan salt is considered unprocessed and mineral intact rock salt since it is free of additives and traces of iron, giving it a pink-colored tint it adding value to the pink rock salt.

Types of Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt comes in both forms, salt as well as solid rock salt. It varies in size and color depending on the type. Best Pink Himalayan ranges from pink, light pink, red, and white salt. In contrast, rock salt comes in three different colors including, black, white, and grey.

The raw salt is carefully extracted and processed mechanically to get the unrefined and unprocessed salt. The best pink Himalayan salt is free of additives and has traces of rich elements and minerals.

Following are the different types of salt:

Regular Salt:

It is usually regarded as the refined salt that goes under different processing and comprises more than 98% of sodium chloride used for cooking purposes. Regular salt added an amount of iodine.

It is grounded to the max level, which indicates that all the impurities and traces of minerals are removed during the processing of regular salt; hence, it cannot be regarded as pure and additive-free salt.

Kosher Salt:

It was primarily used during the Jewish period as it was used to extract blood from an animal before eating it.

Kosher salt isn’t much different from refined table salt as they taste like, but its grain size is much larger than the regular salt. It is flaky and coarse sizes are somewhat big that makes it easier to top off the food.

Pink Himalayan Salt:

It is often regarded as the best Pink Himalayan Salt. It is mined from the 2nd largest mine in the world called Khewra Mine.

Pink Himalayan salt doesn’t go through processing and is all naturally extracted and crushed by hands and mechanical processes.

It has traces of zinc, potassium, and iron specifically responsible for its peculiar pink color.

It contains less amount of NaCl (sodium chloride) than the amount present in refined regular salt.

Sea Salt:

It is a type of salt that is made via the evaporation of seawater. Sea salt comprises sodium chloride, just like that of regular table salt.

It has traces of other minerals such as zinc, iron, and calcium, but it also reports to have impurities, metal, and plastic traces in them, which makes it very dangerous to health.

Bottom line, if you are looking to opt for something organic and additive-free, then pink Himalayan salt is your best pick. Zeta can help you in choosing the best pink Himalayan salt that works the best for you.

Which type of salt is best for You?

Since people are going more organic these days and avoid artificial additives as much as they can, Himalayan salt is considered to be one of the best pink Himalayan salt as it is unrefined and hand-extracted salt.

Due to its pink tint is very appealing to the eyes, and it comes in different sizes, be it coarse, medium, fine, or powdered pink Himalayan salt.

Where our Pink Himalayan Salt does come from?

It won’t be coming as a surprise that almost 99% of the best pink Himalayan salt is exclusively mined in Pakistan from the world’s 2nd largest mine, known as Khewra Mine. Zeta traders is the official and one of the leading exporters of the best pink Himalayan salt that not only provides the hand-extracted but premium and safest unrefined best pink Himalayan salt globally.

Once salt is extracted from the mine, we seal it properly in our bags and goes under all-natural proprietary processes that it does not lose its unrefined state and additive-free nature.

We comply with industry-regulated standard measures and do not compromise on quality and safety methods.

Qualities of Best Pink Himalayan Salt

One should be aware that not all pink Himalayan salt is equally processed. Some traces of impurities and clay will decrease the quality of the best pink Himalayan salt.

Best pink Himalayan salt is hand-extracted and free of other added impurities. It is not grounded heavily; instead, it is unprocessed and has traces of other rich minerals in it.

It is costly, so if anyone is selling at a meager price and is crystal white, avoid buying it. As unrefined and best pink Himalayan salt is a little pricy and has a pinkish hue due to the presence of iron traces in it.

Best pink Himalayan salt can be easily broken or crushed into powdered or fine crystal or large flaky coarse. Hence, if the salt is not breakable, it is more likely to be processed and refined by rock salt than unrefined best pink Himalayan salt.

Suppose the salt is not edible and has a lesser enjoyable taste. In that case, it could be due to the fragments of the metal and other impurities. Then it is not regarded as unrefined Himalayan salt. Best pink Himalayan salt is free of such metal fragments and contaminants.

Checklist for the best Pink Himalayan Salt

It is a right of a buyer to inquire the exporter/supplier about the processing of pink Himalayan salt. Following are some of the checklists for the quality of the best pink Himalayan salt:

It would help if you dealt with a registered exporter.

If the exporter/supplier is complying with the regulations and rules.

The buyer should know if the pink Himalayan salt is sourced via an authentic mine.

He should ask about the process of transportation to the desired exporter facility unit.

Whether the exporter has some certificates of food safety.


Where can we buy the best pink Himalayan salt?

You can buy it from Zeta traders as they are the leading exporters of the best pink Himalayan salt.

Is the best pink Himalayan salt-free of additives?

Yes, the best pink Himalayan salt is unrefined and unprocessed salt.

Do Zeta Traders export internationally?

Yes, they export both domestically as well as across the borders.

Why is it different from regular refined table salt?

Best pink Himalayan salt is different from refined salt because it has traces of other minerals and a hue of pink tint, which is absent in processed table salt.

Where does the best pink Himalayan salt come from?

Much of the best pink Himalayan salt exclusively comes from Pakistan, and it is mined from the 2nd largest salt mine, namely, the Khewra salt mine.

Is pink Himalayan salt regarded as organic salt?

Yes, pink Himalayan salt is considered to be organic as it is additive-free and has no added iodine.

Why is Himalayan salt pink in color?

It is pink-colored salt due to the presence of iron traces in them.


Since everybody worldwide tends to move towards natural and organic life, they are keen to know the essentials of ingredients where they are coming from?  Best pink Himalayan salt is exclusively mined in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is naturally extracted and is one of the most unrefined exhibiting traces of rich minerals and elements.

Zeta traders, one of the leading exporters of the best pink Himalayan salt, offer high grade and Himalayan salt. The highest grade pink Himalayan salt comes with a hefty price as they undergo the most acceptable processing of harvest and high grading and premium quality sealed bags.

Zeta traders are one of the dedicated exporters of the best organic pink Himalayan salt. It does its best to preserve the natural traces of minerals and elements. They do not compromise on the premium sealed super bags used for the packaging.

You can trust us to provide you with the highest grade best pink Himalayan salt as we do not comprise the quality of premium pink Himalayan salt. Our salt is free of impurities like that of clay and other dust or plastic particles. We do not compromise on the quality and offer the best pink Himalayan salt. You will experience the difference in both qualities as well as the taste of our pink Himalayan salt.




April 27, 2021


Salt is one of the most commonly used and cheap commodities on the earth. Its use has been known since ancient times. Salt has been used for flavoring and preserving food for a long time. We think of salt as the most widely available and basic seasoning. To some people, it just an ingredient in their dishes. However, it is the least expensive thing available at the supermarket. But not all salts are equal. Some are expensive than we think of them due to their special characteristics and quality.

There is a variety of salts to choose from. They differ in their mineral and sodium content as well as in their texture and taste. They are not only used for cooking but they have much more benefits associated with them. Hence, they are of great importance to the industry as well as to humans and animals. Are you also looking for what makes them the most expensive salt in the world? Let’s explore more about the most expensive salt in the world.

Salt is made up of two minerals sodium and chloride. It is 60% chloride and 40% sodium. Most of the salt that we eat comes from underground salt deposits(mines), seawater, and other mineral-rich waters. The production of salt from both seawater or underground deposits involves the process of evaporation. Where the water slowly evaporates, leaving the salt behind.

Benefits and uses of salt

From preserving food, enhancing the flavor and taste of your favorite dishes to providing health benefits salt plays an important role. The minerals present in it plays an important role in how your body functions. However, our bodies actually can’t live without salt. It allows our nerves to transmit messages by facilitating the transport of oxygen and nitrogen. It is an essential element for regulating our muscle contraction. Hence, we can not deny the fact that why it is so important and why some of them are the most expensive salt in the world.

In ancient times hunters used salt to protect the food from spoilage caused by bacteria and molds. They used to hunt or kill more than they could consume quickly. They keep meat fresh for a longer period with the use of salt. Moisture is the main reason behind the growth of microorganisms and spoilage of meat. Salt when sprinkled on meat draws out the moisture from the meat and makes it safe for long storage. This preservation practice is still going in modern days.

Salt has been known for its use as a natural preservative in the mummification process and preservation of corpses. During ancient civilizations, there was high demand for salt. However, it was considered so valuable that it was used as a form of currency. Salt was heavily traded, taxed and even soldiers were sometimes paid with it.

Salt can preserve food and make your favorite dishes more delicious, but what else can it do?

Stains remover:

Salt absorbs stains from carpet, cups and can also be used to remove grease from the oven or pans.

Skin Exfoliation:

Salt helps in removing dead skin cells of the face, feet legs, etc. However, the use of salt scrub is common to exfoliate.

Kills grass and weeds:

You can stop the growth of weeds or grass in your patio or openings on concrete by sprinkling salt over there.

Rust remover

A mixture of lemon and salt helps remove the rust from the rusty item. Scrub it over the item and allow it to remain for an hour.

Teeth cleaner

A mixture of salt with baking soda aids in cleaning your teeth. Hence, it can be used as homemade toothpaste.

Help relieve a sore throat

Add a pinch of salt in warm water and gargle the water to soothe a sore throat. This home remedy has been used for ages in easing the throat.

Deter ants

Salt stops ants from coming into your house. Sprinkle it in around your doorways and windows.

Help extend the shelf life of milk

A pinch of salt in milk keeps it fresh for a long time.

Why salt is essential for our health?

Here are some of the reasons why we need salt in our diet.

Keeps the body hydrated

Salt is necessary for the proper functioning of organs. It promotes electrolyte balance and healthy hydration levels. Salt helps muscles, tissues, and cells of your body to maintain the right amount of fluid. Dehydration can results if your body is not properly hydrated and it makes you more susceptible to fatigue, dizziness, and muscle cramps.

Helps thyroid function properly

The deficiency of mineral iodine in the body can lead to the improper functioning of the thyroid. Your body is unable to produce enough thyroid hormones if you have an iodine deficiency. Hence, working of the thyroid properly plays an important role in body metabolism. Iodine deficiency can lead to the conditions such as fatigue, difficulty thinking, constipation, sensitivity to a cold, and enlarged thyroid(Goitre). Most of the salts have added iodine in them, these are labeled as Iodized. Hence, it is important to have iodized salts in your diet for the proper functioning of the thyroid.

Improves symptoms of cystic fibrosis

If you have a condition called cystic fibrosis, this means you need more salt and water in your diet to prevent dehydration. People with cystic fibrosis have very salty-tasting skin because they lose more salt in their sweat than an average person. Hence, they need to consult a doctor regarding their salt requirements on daily basis.

Help prevents low blood pressure

The main cause of low blood pressure(hypotension) is an inadequate amount of salt in your diet. Fainting, dizziness, blurry vision, and nausea are the symptoms of low blood pressure. If the reading is below 90/60 of mercury(mmHg), then the blood pressure is considered to be lower. Hence, salt helps maintain normal blood pressure, but should not be taken more than the required amount.

12 different types of salt-which one are the most expensive salt in the world?

You must understand different types of salt before you can choose the right one. Let’s take a look at 12 different types of salt, what makes one type most expensive than the other and what they are best for.

Table salt

Table salt is the most common or regular salt that is found nearly in every house and used daily. However, It is harvested from underground salt deposits. Most of the impurities and minerals have been removed from table salt. Hence, it is usually highly refined salt. Table salt has iodine added to it to prevent hypothyroidism and other various health problems. However, it also contains anti-caking agents to prevent clumping.

Kosher salt

The name itself suggests that this salt is used in the Koshering process. The crystals are coarser and flakier than the regular table salt. The large-grained size is good at drawing moisture from the meat. However, most chefs prefer it over table salt because Kosher salt crystals are dissolves quickly and are ideal for absorption.

Sea salt

Sea salt is the most expensive and luxurious category of salt. It is harvested from the evaporated seawater. It contains impurities and various trace minerals because it is unrefined and coarser-grained than table salt. Hence, its complex flavor profile is because of the minerals such as zinc, potassium, and iron. There are many colors and types of sea salt to choose from. The darker color means that it has a higher concentration of trace nutrients and impurities. However, it is used by chefs to add a final burst of flavor, a different mouthfeel, and a crunch than refined or table salt.

Fleur de sel

This salt is also known as Flower of salt and it comes from France. It is hand-harvested sea salt from the coast of Brittany. However, It is one of the most expensive salts in the world because of its labor-intensive harvesting and scarcity. Fleur de sel is round, delicate, and paper-thin much like a cream taken from milk. It is rich in mineral content and can be used as a finishing salt to add flavor to your dishes.

Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt is found in the Punjab regions of Pakistan. It is the purest form salt and contains 84 natural minerals. It ranges from deep-white to pink color. Its pink color is because of the trace amounts of iron oxide. The only difference is in the color but most people prefer it for finishing and cooking over table salt. However, it is slightly higher in cost than table salt because of its other benefits and traditional method of harvesting but not the most expensive salt in the world. It can be used in spa treatments, soothing baths, and the use of Himalayan salt lamps is believed to remove allergens and mucus from the air.

Celtic sea salt

This salt is also known as Sel Gris. It also comes from France. The salt crystals are large coarse and give a greyish hue and a brinny tase. It can be used as a cooking and finishing salt. Sometimes, Celtic sea salt can also be used in baking.

Kala namak (Black salt)

This variety of salt is also very and famous all over the world. It is Himalayan salt. The reddish-black of the Kala namak is because of the process through which it is made. It is mixed with herbs, charcoal, seed, and bark in a jar and then fired in a furnace for 24-hours. Black salt has a salty and pungent taste. It gives a sulfurous egg-like and faint aroma. It is used as a finishing salt in many dishes and is also sprinkled over fruits.

Smoked salt

This salt is very different from others because of the slow-smoked process that it goes through over a wood fire. However, it adds a smoky flavor and can be a great option if you want to add a dash of flavor to your dishes. The taste of the smoked salt also varied from brand to brand and the wood used or time smoked.

Flake salt

As the name suggests it is a thin salt with an irregular shape and has very low mineral content. However, it is harvested from the evaporation and boiling of seawater. It adds an instant pop of flavor because dissolves quickly. Flake is mostly used in meats as finishing salts.

Red Hawaiian salt

Red Hawaiin salt is unrefined salt and is also known as Alaea salt. It is mixed with iron-rich volcanic clay ALaea. The name and the beautiful reddish color are because of the presence of this clay. However, it has been used in conventional ways for centuries. Red Hawaiian salt serves purposes such as purification and cleansing as well as adds an attractive finish to the seafood and meat.

Pickling salt

This type of salt is also very common and mostly used in households. Pickling salt is slightly different from regular salt. It does not contain trace minerals, added iodine, and anti-caking agents.

What’s the most expensive salt in the world?

The most expensive salt in the world is Amethyst Bamboo 9x also known as Bamboo salt or jukyeom. It comes from Korea and the process through which it is made makes it the most expensive one. Coarse Korean grey sea salt is roasted inside a bamboo sealed with clay at temperatures nearing 1500 hundred degrees. The process is repeated several times and the resulting salt is intense, smoky, aromatic, and powerful. It is used for several purposes and also provides numerous health benefits.

April 10, 2021

Want to buy potatoes online?you have stumbled on the right place. Pakistan is globally known as an agrarian economy and produces top-notch crops and vegetables.

Struggling to buy potatoes online? Zeta Traders holds a great value of prominence for its premium quality and organically produced potatoes. We have all that you are exactly looking for, catering to your needs just binge reading the content on the screen and your issues will be resolved in no time.

As per the report, on average we end up consuming potatoes more than 50 pounds each year, thus it is vital for us to know the essentials of keeping freshness, cleaning, and tips for buying the potatoes.

Buying potatoes online can be a little overwhelming. As the market has gone too saturated with numerous varieties of potatoes reportedly more than 400 types of potatoes are in the market.  Undoubtedly potato is one of the most used staples in many households. As it’s a versatile vegetable and can be adaptive to different methods/cooking styles as per one’s taste.

Zeta being the biggest exporter of agricultural products will facilitate you from choosing the premium quality to the right type of potato.

What are the benefits of Potatoes?

Potatoes are wrongly perceived as the main source of putting on weight, but did you know it has numerous perks attached to it. They are not just good for your health alone but can be used as a natural skin care product too. It helps in rejuvenating your skin that makes you look younger and confident.


Potatoes are highly packed with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. It has the right amount of B6 vitamin that is responsible for increasing the level of dopamine which in turn helps in combating stress and depressing hormones. It makes you feel lighter and boosts your mood in no time.


Potatoes are usually considered bad for health by many as they directly contribute to gaining fat because of their rich content of carbohydrates. Little do they know, it is purely on how you prefer consuming potatoes? Potatoes are high in fiber and carbohydrates that help in digestion and keeps you fuller for a long time.

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C and it is no doubt that vitamin C is largely responsible for improving the collagen. Improved collagen smooth out the wrinkles on the face and enhances the texture of the skin. Hence, potatoes are considered as the great alternative to high end skin care products. They are not just organic but the cheapest among other products.

Physical strength:

It comes as no surprise that, potatoes are known as the ‘best’ alternative to industrious and athletes. Since they exhibit a greater amount of nutrients along with a considerable amount of carbs and other vital antioxidants. They are the cheapest source of abundant beneficial minerals as well as vitamins. It helps them in curbing the hunger pangs and makes them feel fuller for a long time.

Are you awestruck reading the benefits of this commonly used staple in almost every household?There is a lot more to it and one can write innumerable benefits when it comes to penning down perks attached with potatoes. And what’s the thing about it is that, you can buy potatoes online as per your convenience.

Types of Potatoes:

Usually, people do not pay heed to what type of potato they are buying for their pantry and end up blaming potatoes when not getting desired results. Little did they know, potatoes are of three different types and can be chosen as per different methods and recipes.Don’t worry, we won’ be stuffing your mind with unnecessary scientific knowledge. They are the same as we see on every other grocery store, it’s just we aren’t familiar with their names and what purpose do they serve.

Potatoes are one of the main staples used across all countries and they can be cooked in numerous ways from baking to roasting to boiling to grilling or hashed, hence no limit is attached to it you can do whatever you feel like. One should opt for the healthiest as well as ripened potatoes.

Recently, research on organically produced vegetables has gained momentum as people have realized the benefits of organically and freshly grown vegetables. There are different types of potatoes differing in levels of starch in them purely depends on what you are trying to make out of them.

  • High starch potatoes
  • Moderate starch potatoes
  • Low starch potatoes

Potatoes with High-Starch:

High starch potatoes are best used for mashing, baking as well as cooking. If you are looking for a potato that serves the purpose of mashed potatoes complimenting your main dish, baked wedged then russet potatoes are a good pick. They are oval shaped potatoes with numerous eyes and a bit flaky brownish skin texture. They have the least moist with higher content of starch.

Potatoes with Moderate-Starch:

Potatoes with a moderate amount of starch are famously known as “all-around” potatoes they are usually white or yellow colored potatoes that one can find in every other supermarket. These are not whippy/fluffy like that of russet and have more of a firm texture. They have a considerable amount of moist with a medium level of starch. They can be used in almost all types of dishes may it be boiling, roasting, or grilling etc.

Potatoes with Low-Starch:

These potatoes have the highest level of moisture with the least amount of starch and they are commonly known as red or new potatoes. Low starch potatoes are best in use when they are used soon after being harvested as they don’t lose their texture by then. They are best used in soups, salads, finger slicing as well as boiling. Potatoes with a low level of starch are usually termed waxy potatoes.

What factors should be considered before buying potatoes online?

Zeta traders offer some great tricks and tips to buy potatoes online and choose the premium quality potatoes, there is no hard and fast rule to choose the best as one should always opt for choosing the hard, firm, and clean surfaced potato.

Tips & Tricks for Buying Potatoes:

To buy potatoes online following are the few factors that one should consider:

  • Read the description thoroughly, when did they harvest potatoes and how are they storing them.
  • Did they do any prior washing because washing will spoil them quickly?
  • They should be fresh and organic.
  • One should buy potatoes with smooth and clean texture.
  • Potatoes with blemishes and any sprouts shouldn’t be considered worth buying.
  • There shouldn’t be any cut over the whole surface and any discoloration.
  • If there is a tiny tint of green on the surface of the potato, there is a possibility that it has been exposed to light and could be fatal for one’s health or might taste a little bitter.
  • Choose potatoes with considerable weight and firmness should be selected.
  • Select potatoes that easily gets squeezed indicates that it has gone bad and should be avoided.
  • Potatoes with sprouted eyes can only be bought if you are planning to consume them immediately.
  • Dark spots potatoes or skin aren’t recommended.

What steps should be taken to store potatoes and keep them fresh?

If stored properly, potatoes can be stored for weeks or months without losing their freshness as well as the taste.There are many steps that one can take to keep the freshness of potatoes.

  • Potatoes shouldn’t be stored in a warm place since it will soon lose their freshness.
  • They cannot be refrigerated as they will soon start to convert into sugar that might in discoloration
  • They should be kept under the temperature of 7 Celsius to 10 Celsius.
  • Paper bags helps in maintaining the required temperature and increased the life-span of potatoes.
  • They should be stored in a dark place.
  • One shouldn’t wash potatoes for storing purposes as it will increase the chances of spoilage.
  • They should be stored away from sunlight exposure as it results in the production of solanine responsible for the greening of potatoes.
  • Do not freeze raw potatoes as they will soon turn into dark colorsand lose their moist.
  • Bags made of plastics should be avoided as they will trap the moist and enhances the chances of spoilage.
  • They shouldn’t be stored near to other staples, mainly onions as they might result in decay.

How to clean potatoes?

Following are the best measures that can be followed in order to clean and prepare the potatoes keeping intact the right amount of starch as well as moist.

  • To clean them thoroughly, soak the potatoes in a cool water for about 15-20 minutes to remove the dirt off the potatoes and make it easy to scrub the dirt off.
  • One should always remove the sprouts while peeling them off.
  • If there is a green tint on the surface, it should be removed deeply to make it edible.
  • Immediately cook after peeling it off else it will decolorize or you can soak it in a mixture of water and lemon/salt.
  • To add crispness to the potatoes, do not forget to soak potatoes in salty chilled water it helps in removing the starch adding crispness to it.

Potato eyes – worth considering?

There has been a huge debate on whether one should be concerned about potatoes sprouted eyes or not. According to recent medical research, it has been suggested to cut off every eye that is sprouting as its branching (comprises of small/large branches, stems, fruit, etc.) composed of solanine, arsenic, etc. that are highly poisonous in nature and could be fatal for health.

Why does sprouting occur in the first place?

It is basically an indication that the potato has grown older and it should have been used earlier. If the sprouting hasn’t turned green or the skin texture has not wrinkled completely then it is still edible but does not wait any longer to use it.

Potato skin – should we eat it?

Yes, it is highly recommended to eat potato skin as it is densely packed with high nutrients, rich vitamins as well as antioxidants that don’t just boost the immunity but strengthen the bone as well as collagen of the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Can we buy potato online?

Ans. Yes, you can buy potato online

Q2. Where to buy potato online?

Ans. You can buy potato online from Zeta traders.

Q3. What are the best potatoes for mashing?

Ans. Russets are considered best for mashed potatoes.

Q4. What are the best potatoes for salads and soups?

Ans. Red & new potatoes are best used in salads and soups.

Q5. Can we eat potatoes with sprouted eyes?

Ans. Yes, if it has no tint of green color.

Q6. Is the green tinge on sprouted eyes toxic?

Ans. Yes, they are toxic and taste bitter.

Q7. Can we store potatoes in the refrigerator?

Ans. No, it will turn into dark color and starch starts to convert into sugar.

Q8. Can we store potatoes for months?

Ans. Yes, but not recommended as it will lose its freshness.

Q9. Can we store potatoes under the light?

Ans. No, exposure to light results in the production of toxic materials.


Potato is a relatively less expensive and abundantly used staple in almost every corner of the world. Be it any age group, potato dishes are almost loved by everyone and you can easily buy potatoes online without much hassle. They are the cheapest source of vital fiber, nutrients, and vitamin etc.

You can buy potatoes online from Zeta traders as they offer premium quality potatoes and can choose from Russet Potatoes to Mozika Potatoes to Sante Potatoes and etc. They are trading globally and are known for their fresh and premium quality potatoes.

Choose what works the best for you and start experimenting with different types and techniques to come up with your desired result.

April 8, 2021


Mango is commonly known as “The King of the Fruits”. It is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich and unique flavored fruit which is loved all over the world. Its taste outstands it amongst all other fruits. Mango is a tropical tree which is cultivated in some areas of Pakistan. Pakistani mangoes being super delicious food are the most loved member of every individual.

They belong to Anacardiaceae family that also includes various other species of tropical fruiting trees such as cashew, pistachio.

At the end of this article, you shall be able to know the following:

  1. Nutritional Value Of Mangoes
  2. Facts About Pakistani Mangoes
  3. Types Of Pakistani Mangoes
  4. Perfect Place To Buy Pakistani Mangoes Online


Mango is a super food as it contains around 20 different vitamins and minerals. A small sized mango can easily provide you with the following in your daily diet:

  • 50% of daily Vitamin C requirements of human body – Vitamin C is commonly known as Ascorbic Acid. It is of extreme importance for proper growth, timely development and proper repairing of all the body tissues of human body
  • 8% of daily Vitamin A requirements of human body – Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is of extreme importance for human vision, strong immune system and process of reproduction. It also plays an important role in proper working of different body organs in humans such as heart, lungs and kidneys etc.
  • 8% of daily vitamin B6 requirements of human body – Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)is a water-soluble vitamin. It supports various functions in human body. Further it is very vital for creation of Red Blood Cells in human body and for protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Vitamin B6 supports creation of RBCs and neurotransmitters. Human body cannot produce Vitamin B6 on its own. Therefore it is very important that you must obtain it from foods.
  • 7% of your daily fiber requirements of human body – Fiber helps your food to move through the digestive tract with ease. It helps prevent constipation and abdominal pain. Dietary fiber also helps you feel fuller for long period of time since hunger can be a distraction for your daily tasks.\
  • 15% of daily Folate (Vitamin B-9) requirements of human body – Folate is of prime importance very important for the formation of RBCs, It also boosts healthy cell growth in Humans. During pregnancy, it immensely reduces the risk of birth defects regarding brain and spine.
  • 15% of daily Copper requirements of human body – Together with iron, copper plays a significant role in maintaining healthy bones. It also supports in strengthening blood vessels, iron absorption, controlling nerves and supporting immune function. Sufficient copper is helps to avoid chances of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.
  • 7% of daily Carbohydrate requirements of human body – Being main source of energy for human body, carbohydrates helps to boost the brain, kidneys, heart muscles, and central nervous system.

All these nutritional values can be fulfilled if mangoes are nutritionally rich and healthy. Pakistani mangoes rated to amongst the best in terms of their nutritional value.


Apart from being the King of fruits, Mango is also the national fruit of Pakistan. Enriched with sweetness, aroma and juicy flavor, Pakistan mangoes are amongst the best in the world. Their global demand is increasing day by day and during the pandemic of COVID-19, Pakistan has not suffered much in terms of its mango exports. Pakistan successfully enjoys production of around 1.7 million tons of mangoes every year.

With reference to a recent tweet dated April 2, 2021 by China International Import Expo,

“Pakistani mangoes are set to enter the Chinese market this summer. The country is the world’s third largest mango exporter. #CIIE”


There are many types of mangoes in Pakistan but 5 of the best and most popular Pakistani Mangoes include:


Origin: Langra is one of the most popular specie in Pakistani mangoes. It originates mainly from Multan and Rahim Yar Khan. It is mainly famous for two reasons; its unique name and delicious taste. Langra is a word from Urdu language which means lame. A very famous tale says that a very lame farmer once developed the seedlings of Langra. But the authenticity of this myth is questionable.

People carry out cultivation of Langra under different climatic conditions. This immensely enhances growth and nutritional value of Langra in alluvial and lateritic soils. Soils with poor drainage and rocky soil may hinder rich growth of mangoes. Good drainage is very important for premium quality of these mangoes. Soil with PH value beyond 7.5 is not suitable for cultivation of Langra Mangoes.

Size and Color: The most unique thing about Langra is that it maintains green color even after it gets fully ripe. Its size varies from medium to large with an oval shaped seed.

Taste: It is very sugary, delicious and soft. Its fibreless flesh with a yellowish brown color adds up with its aroma to give you a matchless taste.


Origin: Everything carried a legacy and so does thing mango specie namely Chaunsa (also known as Chausa). At Chausa, district Bihar, India, the Mughal Emperor Humayun had to face a setback by Sher Shah Suri. This mango is known to be the favorite mango type of the Founder of Suri Empire. In Pakistan, Chaunsa is cultivated mainly in Multan, Rahim Yar Khan and Sahiwal.

Cultivation of Chaunsa is carried out under optimum climatic conditions. It is planted in full sun and well-drained soil adds to it. Farmers select appropriate climate and land for its cultivation so that they may achieve their premium quality production targets. Before planting Chaunsa, good preparation of field is essential to get desired output.

Size and Color: Its size varies from medium to large. It is yellow with a mild touch of green from outside when it is ripe.

Taste: Its mouth-watering and flavorsome taste makes it one of the most loved variety of mango amongst the rest.


Origin: Anwer Ratol is a small delicious variety of mango. Its yellow color adds to its beauty and uniqueness. It is very famous because of its Indo-Pak history and its connection with Ratual Village in India. These mangoes were first cultivated by a man named Anwer-ul-haq. However, its small size carries all the taste you may desire.

Multan is considered as the birth place of this delicious mango. It is cultivated in well-drained soil and an optimum distance is maintained between its plants. A proper planning is devised to prepare and maintain a healthy orchid.

Size and Color: It is a small sized variety of mangoes. When ripe, it give a beautiful bright yellow color.

Taste: Sweat flavor and strong aroma makes it one of the most prioritized and type of mango.


Origin: Sindhri is called the Queen if mangoes. Because of its large size, delicious taste and aroma, it is really the best and most loved one in Pakistan. Demand for Pakistani Mangoes is spread worldwide. Sindhri has taken its name from its place of origin which is Sindh.

Sindhri has gained a significant importance amongst all the types of mangoes. People cultivate it in the soils of Mir Pur Khaas located in the province of Sindh. Its season start from mid-May and ends in mid of June.

Size and Color: Its size varies from medium to large. The color of Sidhri turns bright yellow when ripened.

Taste: As the sun showers more heat, the taste of Sindhri gets better and better. Its pulpy juice and delicious taste can always take you from this world to the world of sweetness.


Origin: Dussehri has a very long history. Back to 18th century, it originated from the gardens of Nawab of Lucknow. They have the juiciest taste and their small size full of pulp always makes you wanting for more and more.

You can grow it in backyards and small gardens as well.

Size and Color: It is small in size and makes you want more. It is green in color even when it is ripe.

Taste: Like all other types of mangoes, it is also very rich in taste. Its juicy fresh pulp is always a wonderful delight.


Pakistan is one of the largest exporter of Mangoes and the quality of their mangoes has no match. Enriched with wonderful taste and nutrition, Pakistani mangoes have high demand all over the world. ZETA TRADERS is one of the largest exporter of Pakistani mangoes. With increase in their exports over the past few years, they are capturing the market very speedily.

ZETA TRADERS handles customized packaging according to customer demand and shipment carefully. We here in Zeta traders deal in all types of mangoes.

If you are looking for someone to provide you with the best quality mangoes, then you must CONTACT ZETA TRADER Support Team for further guidance and placing your order.


April 7, 2021

Where to buy farm fresh mangoes online? What advantages does the fresh one has to offer over the stored one? How to tell if it’s fresh and ripened, ready to be eaten? Well, if you’re confused by all these questions, then keep on reading as I try to answer all you ever wanted to know about mangoes.

Mangoes are in demand worldwide. Stats show that production of mangoes has doubled over the last two decades. Since the whole world is reaping the benefits of ripened mangoes. wouldn’t it be great if you could also buy those farm fresh mangoes online?

Well, here at zeta traders, you will get the fully researched backed information about mangoes along with the delivery of fully ripened, fresh mangoes.


Mangoes, thought native to South Asia, are getting popular in almost all parts of the world. It is the national fruit of three major Asian countries, India, Pakistan and the Philippines. The king of fruits is called a drupe because it has an outer skin and a central fleshy portion surrounding the seed. Surprisingly, mangoes belong to the same family of fruits like cashew, pistachio and poison ivy.


Let’s take a closer look at the nutritional value stored inside the mangoes.

  • .,
  • Energy content is about 60 calories
  • Fat is as low as 0.4g with little or no cholesterol
  • Total carbohydrate content is around 15g with a major portion, 15g, of it being sugar and the rest, dietary fibres.
  • It also has the necessary minerals required by the body, such as potassium and sodium. 100g of mango fulfils 4% daily value of potassium.
  • Protein content in a 100g serving is only about 0.8g
  • It contains all the major water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. Though it is only rich in vitamin C and A.
  • 21% of recommended daily value of vitamin A is fulfilled by 100g of mangoes.
  • 61% of daily vitamin C requirement is locked inside 100g of mangoes.


Ripe mangoes are surely bright in colour and they will definitely brighten up your day if you eat them. As a rule of thumb, a reddish appearance on the skin of a mango marks the ripened state. But that is not the best indicator of ripeness. To better assess the quality of a mango, squeeze it gently and see if it gives in. A ripe mango, upon gentle squeeze, will slightly change its convex shape. In short, focus on the “feel” and not the colour. This can be hard to tell if you are buying farm fresh mangoes online. But Zeta Traders are committed to ensure that you get the finest mangoes.


Let’s take a look at the health benefits of including mangoes in your diet. Hopefully, by the end of it, you will be convinced to buy farm fresh mangoes online, or from your local mart.


A fruit so delicious and juicy that also possess anti-cancer properties. Ethanolic extracts from the pulp of the fruit has anti-tumour properties. It makes the cancer cell less viable and discourages the colony formation of tumour cells. Anticancer properties of mangoes are most effective in the case of colon and breast cancer.

Further research showed that polyphenols and antioxidants in mangoes only harm the cancer cells while sparing the normal ones. In that same study, it was found that the inclusion of mangoes in the diet decreased the breast cancer cells population by 90. Only 20% of the normal, non-cancerous cells were affected, so it seems like a fair deal. Moreover, if the mangoes are coupled with grapes or any other food high in antioxidants, together they would make an excellent superfood.


Your immune system consists of specialized cells called white blood cells. Their sole purpose is to fight off the invaders that may harm your body. To do their job properly, white blood cells require vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin A.

Vitamin A is important for many reasons. And one of those reasons is that they are essential in white blood cells production. So, if you are short of your daily supply of vitamin A, it will increase your chances of catching an infection.

Mangoes are rich in vitamin C. And that is one more vitamin that plays a key role in the overall immunity. Not only does it help boost your immune system, but also improves neurological functions and wound healing.


If you refer back to the nutritional content section of the article, you’ll find that mangoes are rich in dietary fibres and polyphenols. Dietary fibres are essential for a healthy digestive system. They resolve gut problems like constipation and inflammation.

Fibre powder is usually prescribed to people who aren’t getting enough fibres from their diet. Mangoes relieve gut issues much more efficiently than many high-fibre foods. Also, the fibres in mangoes work more effectively than the same amount of fibre powder. So, next time instead of buying fibre powder, try ordering our farm fresh mangoes online. A tastier alternative for gut problems.

Also with a hurting stomach and covid protocols, you cannot go outside to buy mangoes, so your best shot is to buy farm fresh mangoes online, preferably from us.


Mangoes are best for your hairs. They relieve you of the most annoying hair problems you face, such as dandruff, hair loss, and dry hairs.

If you are tired of seeing those white flakes on your pillowcase, then mango might just be the answer to your problem. No matter the cause of the dandruff, mangoes, rich in vitamin A, improve your overall scalp health to cure dandruff.

Moreover, the rich supply of vitamin A and vitamin C creates an ideal situation for preventing hair loss and increasing hair growth. It is achieved by kickstarting the sebum glands and improving the blood circulation around the scalp region.

Since mangoes are around 80% water, it obviously follows from there that they are good as hair moisturizers.

At the age where people are getting bald and sticking to traditional ways, it would be cool to buy farm fresh mangoes ONLINE. And nourishing hairs through it.


Are you looking for an easy, delicious way to make your eyesight stronger? Mangoes can help you in this regard as well. I have been mentioning throughout the article that mangoes are rich in vitamin A. And vitamin is the single most important factor for healthy eyes.

We are all aware of the eye-friendly nature of carrots. If you’d like to improve your vision, but don’t like carrots then mangoes are your best friend. You will get the same benefits for your eyes without compromising on the taste.

Certain chemicals present in mangoes, such as zeaxanthin and lutein, help prevent age-related eye problems. And that includes cataract and macular degeneration.


Mangoes are loaded with polyphenols and other bioactive compounds that have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and anti-infectious properties. These properties make it an ideal fruit for a healthy heart. Moreover, there is little to no sodium present in mangoes. It keeps the blood pressure under the limit because too much sodium is one of the culprits behind high blood pressure.


Diabetes patients are restricted in their choice of fruits and vegetables. But mango is something they can eat in moderation. It’s mainly because of the high fibre and antioxidants present in them. The fibres delay the absorption of sugar in blood while antioxidant minimizes any stress that may arise because of the sugar content.

As a diabetes patient, you can satisfy your sugar craving by ordering farm fresh mangoes online.


Several researches have linked mango intake to weight loss. The mechanism lies in the fact that mangoes have certain phytochemicals that suppress fat cells and obesity-related genes. Also, the mangoes are quite low on calorie count but high in dietary fibres and water. This improves gut health and fibre are also associated with weight loss.

If you are looking to lose weight, then you should go on-foot to buy mangoes. But, never mind, you can always buy farm fresh mangoes online from us.


Like most things in the world, mangoes have certain side effects as well. Some people are allergic to peanut and there is a similar allergic reaction involved in the case of mangoes.


Essential oils on the fruit, leaves and skin are primarily responsible for the allergic reaction. Rash induced as an allergic reaction to mangoes is called contact dermatitis. It is an interesting fact to note that mango-induced rash does not come from eating mangoes. Rather, it develops if there is contact with the skin of the mango or its branches and leaves. Sensitive people are at a risk of developing contact dermatitis.

Contact dermatitis includes the following :

  • Itchiness, redness or rash on the hands
  • Itching of the eye
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Blisters that are similar to poison ivy rash

In extreme cases, mango allergy can lead to some serious complications such as building up of fluid around the eye region. So, if there is even one of these signs once you have tried mangoes, then it is better to give up on buying farm fresh mangoes online and visit a doctor.


There are so many benefits of mangoes. But the benefits somewhat depends upon whether it’s a fresh mango or a stored one. So, it is good to know if you are getting a fresh one or a stored one. Though the nutritional difference is only very slightly but only that can make quite an impact on your health.

Fresh mangoes are picked a little earlier before they reach their full potential. This allows them to ripe during the transportation and storage.

But the mangoes that need to be frozen and stored are picked when they have reached their full potential. So, you might think that frozen mangoes must be more nutritious than the fresh ones, which are picked earlier. But the truth is that before mangoes are frozen, they need to be processed. In the processing, one of the steps include boiling the fruit to kill the germs. Though it may kill the germs, but there’s a significant loss of water-soluble vitamins, B and C.

Furthermore, several organic products undergo a break down if they are stored for a long period of time. Research also shows that vitamin C begins to decline in a stored mango. So, whatever vitamin C was left after boiling, is lost during the storage.

All these negative aspects of frozen mangoes make the alternative option attractive. And that is buying farm fresh mangoes online or from your local supermarket. For the trading of farm fresh mangoes online, you know where to find us.


Since the article is packed with a lot of information, it might be difficult for you to consume all that. So, here’s a summary of what we covered so far.

Mangoes are famously known as the “king of fruits” The king has a lot of health benefits to offer; weight control, anti-cancer, eyes, hairs and skin health are only to name a few.

But whether you will get these benefits largely depends upon the type of mango being eaten, fresh or frozen. All the benefits mentioned are either related to vitamin or antioxidants. And the activity of these two substances begin to decrease after harvesting. So, fresh mangoes outperform the frozen ones in terms of nutrients in many ways. And thus it is only logical to buy fresh farm mangoes to get all the desired benefits.

It is also important to check the ripeness of mango to make sure that the supplier is not making a fool out of you.

Mangoes are native to South East Asia, and as a company based exactly on that region, we are the best option to fulfil your needs for fresh mangoes. Well, if you have made up your mind about buying mangoes, then head over to Zeta Traders to buy farm fresh mangoes online.

April 4, 2021

Have you ever wondered about the different shapes of bales of hay? Have you ever thought about how are the round bales different from the square ones and vice versa? Or is your problem much more than curiosity?

Maybe you are a farm owner struggling to decide which type of bale to buy. And if that problem seems familiar to you, then you have come to the right place.

Here, at zeta traders, not only we will help you decide what bale is good for you, but also make sure that you get the best quality hay bales delivered from our fields to your doorstep–or rather, to your “farmstep.”


There are two major categories of bales: round bales and square bales. Each type is made differently and has a different set of benefits to offer. Let usdive deeper to see how they are made and what are their advantages and limitations.


Round bales are a relatively new addition to the agriculture industry. Compared to their older counterpart, round bales have been around for just 50 years or so.


A round baler pulls the hay inside, where it is rolled and rolled until it reaches the desired size. Afterwards, the size and shape are maintained by wrapping twine or wire around the bale. Once the wrapping is done, the bale rolls out at the other end.


Following are the advantages of using round bales:

  • Round bales, because of their dense packaging, resist moisture. This delays the rotting process and preserves the nutritional value.
  • Their tight packaging also ensures that the centre of the bale remains protected from weather’s adverse effects. It is also the reason why they can be stored outside without significant losses.
  • Round bales are cost-effective if you have a large farm and more animals to feed.
  • There is low wastage of hay in round bales. The only ways hay waste can occur if the bales aren’t properly stored or fed to the animal.


  • Not using machinery to feed can result in significant wastage of hay. To minimize the loss, round bales are best fed with mechanized equipment or feeder.
  • Round bales will prove to be costly if you have a small farm and fewer animals to feed.
  • They require more space for storage as they are larger in size, and a lot of unwanted space is left between two consecutive round bales.


Square bales used to be a lot more common back in the 50s or 60s. Despite the fact that they are being rapidly replaced by the round ones, they are still popular in certain sectors.


Hay is lifted into the square baler’s reel. From there, it is the job of a knife and a plunger to pack the hay. Once the hay is packed into its square form, it is bound by a twine and ejected from the bale chamber.


Despite being outdated, square bales still offer certain advantages over round bales:

  • Square bales are easy to handle because of their lightweight, which makes them ideal for smaller farms, especially those concerned with horses.
  • The squares are easily fed, and wastage during feeding is minimum.
  • Square bales take lesser space to be stored. They can be stacked as high as the ceiling, and the ladder allows.




In the prior sections, we discussed the merits and demerits of round and square bales. In this one, we will summarize it to conclude which type of hay bale is best suitable for your farm.

Now, there are a lot of economic factors that have a role to play. But here is a simplified one-sided Q&A session to help you find the perfect bales for your farm’s needs.


Is your farm smaller? Like less than a 1000 acre?

Do you have fewer animals to feed? Just a couple of horses?

Do you lack significant manpower? Or just short on labour?

Do you have a storage facility? Like a barn or something where you can store the bales?

If the answer to all these questions is a yes, then you should go for square bales.


A few more questions up ahead.

Is your farm larger than at least a 1000 acre?

Do you wish to store the hay for a long time?

Do you have whole livestock to feed? Bunch of cows and goats?

Do you lack a storage facility? Or do you wish to store the bales outside?

If your farm best matches this description above, then you should select the round bales.


Choosing between the round or square bales of hay can be tricky business. Getting the best quality of either type of bales can be a lot more trickier. But luckily there is no need to worry about that anymore. With this guide’s help, all you need to do is make up your mind about the type you want, and we, Zeta traders, will do the rest;and that is serving you with the finest quality hay bales.

Done thinking yet? Give us a call and book your order right away.


April 4, 2021

Are you an animal owner in search of where to buy straw? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the right place.Because this your ultimate guide to finding the best wheat suppliers in Pakistan.

Wheat straw is the by-product that is left after the wheat has been harvested. These leftover stems and leaves are used to feed the livestock as they have higher nutritional value than hay. This article reviews the top 5 places from where you can order your next batch of straws.


If you are a Pakistan-based or an international cattle farm owner looking to export wheat straw from Pakistan, thenplaces arranged below are in descending order of their popularity and quality of Wheat Straw Suppliesto fulfil your supply needs.



If you are stuck with the question; where to buy wheat straw? Then you are surely looking for the best of all options. ZETA TRADERS is the best and most credible place to buy wheat straw. Every one claims to be the leading exporter of wheat straw products. But what outstands ZETA TRADERS from the rest is the quality of their product and their commitment to safely delivering it.

2% to 3% protein content and moisture content as low as 5-6% ensures that your animal receives proper nutrition with no loss in the form of spoilage. Our 1000 hectares diverse farms guarantees that wheat straw is available to fulfil requirements, anywhere at any time.

QUALITY:Established in 2014, ZETA TRADERS specializes in the production, import, and export of Wheat Straw Hay.

  • The protein content in Wheat Straw bales by ZETA ranges from 6 to 8%. Fibre content varies from 25 to 65%.
  • Zeta effectively and efficiently analyses wheat waste or hay straw at a feed testing laboratory.
  • It is then checked by ration balancing to ensure that it meets the nutritional requirements of Farms animals.
  • Finally when it is ready, it is carefully packed in form of bales and kept under optimum temperature and environment to make sure that its nutritional value is not compromised.
  • Wheat Straw waste can be used effectively in any farm animal wintering program.
  • Additional energy and protein needs to be fed to avoid weakness in animals

In short, ZETA TRADERS export the best quality of Wheat straw with very controlled moisture.

SUPPLY:ZETA is renowned for the quality of its products. Being the leading Wheat Straw suppliers from Pakistan, Zeta has highest levels of protein and energy than any other bale of straws. Their straws are very palatable and have been used successfully by cattle producers over the years.

Most interesting and attractive thing about ZETA Wheat Straw is customized packing as per customer’s requirement in bales of straw.

PRICES:The best thing about their prices is that they can be negotiated as per your customized order. For inquiry, contact their support team.


Has Fodder Limited is a credible place if you are looking for where to buy straw. The credibility stems from the fact that it is one of the oldest suppliers of animal feed. Established in 1972, it has become the premier exporter of wheat straw and Rhodes grass to Middle Eastern and some Asian countries.


HAS Fodder Limited is one of the leading exporters of wheat straw products. And there is some truth to this statement. They have established plants in two different locations in Pakistan: Sindh and Punjab. So, if one place is affected by adverse weather conditions, the fields in another province can ensure a constant supply of wheat straw. This trick allows them to have a full-year availability of wheat straw.


HAS Fodder Limited strives to produce the highest quality wheat straw. And the primary motive behind this is to maintain the country’s good reputation.

  • Their quality inspection is carried out in three stages:
  • The first inspection is done right after seeding to remove any obstacle that can hinder the seed’s growth.
  • The second inspection takes place before harvesting. The purpose of this inspection is to separate the diseased crops from the healthy ones.
  • Inspection for the third and final time takes place after bailing. This step ensures that the straw bales produced to meet the set standard.

They have also developed a unique feature to provide contamination-free products. A special mechanical part of the conveyor lifts the product, and the contamination drops underneath.

Moreover, they have long-term contracts with the farmers, allowing them to educate and train them to produce the highest quality goods.


The price they charge per metric ton (1000 Kgs) is 140 US Dollars. The minimum quantity order (MOQ) is 40 metric tons.


Saremco international is solely concerned with the production and trade of agricultural goods. Instead of sourcing the orders to other farms, they grow their products with state-of-the-art facilities. Saremco deserves to be at the second spot in the list of “where to buy straw?” And you will soon see why.


With its 500 hectares of land, which 502 workers work on, Saremco International is truly the leading wheat straw exporters of Pakistan. The diverse location of the fields also ensures that you get the best quality hay throughout the year.


Quality is of utmost importance to Saremco International. They have a feed testing laboratory where straw is analysed to confirm that it meets the farm animals’ nutritional requirements. Moreover, they deal in a year-old straw, which is often considered better than straw made from freshly harvested wheat.


For the price, you have to contact them directly. But the good news that you can easily communicate on their WhatsApp without the need for those long-written emails. Their minimum order requirement is 20 tons which are quite lower than others.


NVJ claims to have the highest standards in quality. But it isn’t very likely. Mainly because wheat straw is not their primary trade. They deal in metallic ores, and non-metallic items such as copper and iron ore, kaolin, gypsum, and the list goes on. So, wheat straw seems like a side business for them.


NVJ industries’ reach is global. The vendors and growers linked with NVJ industries have all the information related to the production of wheat straw. Educated and trained farmers ensure the full-year availability of wheat straw.


Not much can be said about their quality of product except that the moisture content is slightly higher, about 11-13%. Other than that, they have an excellent traceability system to track all the chemicals, pesticides and product back to each field.


There is no per metric ton price on their website. Instead, you will have to fill in a form and supply them with the necessary information, such as your company’s name and requirement, to receive a quote. However, the minimum order is 95 metric tons, and you have to pay 30% of the charges in advance!


Abdul Sattar Sons is a brokerage and import-export company. They deal with many agricultural products such as grains, pulses, ghee, edible oil, minerals and construction materials, etc.

Not much information is available on the supply, quality, and prices of their products. For the price, you have to contact them and request a quotation. As for the supply and quality, the only thing we have is their word that they are striving to establish themselves as reputable international traders. They further claim to treat their clients as trusted business partners. Trust them, and their intact supply chain will make sure that good quality wheat straw finds its way from the source to your warehouse.


Every one claims to be the leading exporter of wheat straw products. But based on wide range of customer feedback and researches, we can say that ZETA TRADERS is so far the best and most rated trader of Wheat Straw Hay.The quality of product and commitment to safely delivering their products, with 2% to 3% protein content andmoisture content as low as 5-6%, ZETA ensures that animals receive proper nutrition with no loss in the form of spoilage.

1000 hectares diverse farms guarantee that wheat straw by ZETA Traders is available to fulfil requirements, anywhere at any time and they best answer your question; where to buy straw from wheat.

So, if you are searching where to buy straw bales nearby, it is about time you give ZETA TRADERS a call.

April 2, 2021

What is hay made of? As an animal owner, you may have a basic idea of hay’s composition. But have you ever wondered what makes it so delicious and nutritious to your animal? This article will explore the hay’s composition and the process of how it gets from the factories to your farm.


Hay is a mixture of grasses that have been cut and dried for their usage as animal feed. The most common grasses used for making hay are ryegrass, timothy-grass, Bermuda grass, and other locally grown grasses.

But other than grasses, legumes such as clover and alfalfa are also included in it. It may also contain some forbs, i.e., herbaceous plants that are not grass. Forbs selection is tricky as some of them could very well be poisonous, so they are mostly avoided.


The industrial revolution mechanized everything, including its predecessor, agriculture. So, instead of discussing the old ways of making it, this article is a guide to understand the fully automated method of making hay.

It consists of the following steps.


The first step is to plant and harvest these materials. Once the planted grasses reach a certain growth level, they are chop down.

The ideal time to cut hay is when the leaves are fully developed. Observing the development of seeds and flower buds allows farmers to guess leaves’ maturity. As the flowers are about to bloom, it is a hint that leaves have reached their full potential.

Why is cutting such a time-sensitive process? Well, that is because the seeds and leaves determine the quality and nutritional value of it. If the grasses are cut too early, the yield per acre will reduce. Delay the cutting, and hay it be drier and lower in nutrition.


In the next step, the chopped-down hay is left on the field to dry out. Farmers may also use a tedder for this process. It spreads the hay, which increases the surface area and consequently speeds up the drying process.

Drying is the critical part of the entire process. Because wet hay has a risk of rotting and developing molds that may produce toxins harmful to the animal.

The moisture content of freshly cut hay ranges between 70% to 90%which is ideal for the growth of molds.The drying aims to reduce this moisture down to about 12% to 20%


In this step, an agricultural rake is used to arrange the dried hay into rows. The primary purpose behind windrowing is to preparing hay to be picked up by a baler or a loading truck.

Other advantages of windrowing include:

  • Protection of hay from the bleaching effect of the sun.
  • At night-time, it minimizes exposure to the morning dew.
  • It helps to evenly dry the hay by fluffing it up and turning it over.


Hay, at this stage, is dried enough to get picked up a hay bailer. It compresses the dried, raked it into bundles or bales. These bales are held together by twines or wires. Some are even wrapped in plastic to minimize moisture exposure.The goal of bailing is to ease the handling, transportation, and storage of it

Commonly, there are two options when it comes to bailing. They come in different sizes of two shapes: square and cylindrical. Each of which has its own benefits, which is discussed in the next section.


We are almost at the end of the journey. Now, it is time to store them. Bail are loaded into a wagon and taken to a storage facility.There are two main challenges in storing them: handling and weather.

Hay badly suffers from weather conditions such as scorching sun, rain, morning dew, etc. So, they are commonly stored in barns or other buildings with a roof to ensure long-term protection from weather’s adverse effects.

As mentioned earlier, the leafy content determines good quality hay. So, improper handling of it may result in loss of leaves. And that reduces it’s nutritional value.

If it is to be stored outside, then round bales are preferred. In fact, in the united states, round bales are the most common way to store hay. Because of their tight binding and water-shedding shape, they collect little water overtime and that reduces the risk of spoilage.


At this point, I hope you have a good understanding of how is it made. By now, you are also probably aware of the delicate and timely nature of the whole process. From cutting to bailing and storage, every step needs to get done in a specific time frame to prevent spoilage and minimize losses.

Here at Zeta Traders, we are fully aware of the challenges and risks involved in hay production. We make sure that you get the best quality hay by taking the following steps:

  • From our fields and storage area, we ensure that the hay is kept dry all the way to your barns. So, you no longer need to worry about molds and toxins that may harm the animal.
  • To satisfy your animals’ hunger, we handle the hay with great care to prevent the loss of foliage or leaves.
  • We filter the non-digestible or difficult-to-digest parts of the plants. Instead, the leaves and other soft easy-to-digest parts make the bulk of our hay.

So, if you found this guide helpful, feel free to share it with your concerned family and friends. And if you are looking to place your first order here, you can contact us.


ZETA TRADERS Pvt International began its journey in 2014, we are agriculture based company and offering animal forage, fruits & vegetables from Pakistan at wide scale.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a Leading Exporter of Rhodes Grass Hay, Long Wheat Straw Hay, Corn Silage, Alfalfa Hay, Corn Cob Crush, Seasonal Straws, Fruits & Vegetables, Cereal and Grains.

We have high-quality seasonal fruits at very reasonable export prices and packaging.


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